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here's another song. This one is unfinished, I need to write the chorus but am torn between a couple of ideas. :\
But I like it so far so thought I would share :)

These  floors are flooded with patched shells full of booze
with egos backed by meaningless social crews
conflicts with one another during songs of unity
this is a degradation to our community
pogoing to the beat of hearts yearning for revolution
blissfully making no progress to the solution
poisoned minds hindered from action
leeching onto outlets to use as your distraction
This is a song I wrote for a band that I do vocals for :)

before pipelines and water meters
lying in watersheds nearby
we shared water as it was intended
to use for life, as a means to survive

But capitalists created a new agenda
power hungry and looking for a buck
A new means for profit
once again the poor are out of luck

we dont need you
privatizing our water supply
tapping and overcharging
only to suck us dry

you are selling water
falsely saying_ its better quality
but we know the truth
your water is dirty

NO its not right
for them to control_ our lifeline
water, a basic human need
its yours and mine

Corporate control over water began
in countries where human rights are low
exploitatative business as usual
and they know

when they privatize and tax municipal services
people are forced to choose between water and rent
profit over human rights
these ceo's are full of ill intent

we have to fight
and block their encroaching greedy demands.
Because if we dont
these companies will expand